About The Artist
A native Californian born in San Jose, California, Everett has been interested in art since grade school. Encouraged by his teachers, he continued to take art classes through college. And ultimately, graduated with a BFA from Santa Clara University.

Everett's inspiration to paint comes from his love and appreciation of the beauty of nature. His passion for gardening and plants is attributed to working with color.

My wall mural painting career began ten years ago while I was painting Holiday Window Designs. A couple of my clients asked if I would do some wall mural painting for them. And I replied as any artist would, " I certainly can paint something on that blank wall for you !" . Since then I 've been hand painting interior and exterior wall murals for both Residential and Commercial. A variety of themed image murals can be seen in my Wall Mural Gallery. "God has given me this wonderful gift to share with the world the beauty that surrounds us all through my painting."
Artist Everett Regua

You can always contact Everett at 408.314.5993.

You can also E-mail Everett at everett@everettregua.com

Come see Everett paint
Everett will be bringing his brushes and paint to the fremont festival. Please come and watch Everett work on his latest endevour.

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